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Winter wedding in South Tyrol: Sophie and Johann at Ötztal Alps

16 January 2019   |   Pamela Pizzardo

Allow yourself to be surprised by a noble yet rural concept that harmoniously blends traditional and modern elements.

Let me entice you into a winter wedding at Val Senales and to one of the highest mountain hotels in Europe, where the cosiness of bygone times warms the soul. At the mountain village of Certosa, which is the gateway to the Hochjochferner glacier at Ötztal Alps between the State of Tyrol in Austria and Province of South Tyrol in Italy, time seems to stand still. The Hotel Golden Rose with its traditional parlours and the warm wood provides the ideal setting for private, romantic wedding party at the highest level, touched by the charm of yesteryear. It has retained the flavour of an old-world inn and combines this past with a modern present of unobtrusive luxury.

When history and tradition merge to a nostalgic wedding idea, the result is as harmonious as classy: an ambience characterized by subtle natural tones, the warmth of wood and the soothing crackling in the fireplace as well as by a sophisticated dress made of delicate lace, which is reminiscent of the Victorian era.
This cosy setting contrasts fascinatingly with the majestic snow-covered mountain scenery of the Ötztal. Is there a better place to promise each other eternal love than on perpetually frozen ground on the top of the world where everything lasts forever? Nowhere do kisses feel more alive than in the face of the massive, icy and eternal site of natural beauty, don't they? Contrasts and well-placed stylistic inconsistency create excitement! Therefore, a free wedding ceremony in the ancient groined vault of the former monastery Allerengelberg forms the perfect symbiosis of tradition, history and modernity.

Enchanting flower arrangements with delicate white flowers, fluffy capsules, dry grasses and strong-green sprigs of conifers – at the same time robust and fragile like frozen water, which can be perpetual ice as well as tender frost flowers – harmonize perfectly with both the cosy warmth of the parlours and the frozen rough mountain scenery. They complete perfectly the conceptual framework of the wedding.
A true ice princess does not abandon her dream of a delicate dress even in winter! The charismatic bride wears a flowing lace dress inspired by the noble Victorian era. A (artificial) fur coat in bright tones completes the glamorous winter look and wraps her in comforting warmth.

As an intentional break in style, the bride wears jewellery in shabby and boho chic. Both styles, combined in their desire for overflowing uniqueness and attention to detail, have recently become a popular trend for rustic weddings. In addition, the confident bride wears make-up of muted colours in combination with loose hair to underline her natural charm as well as express a wild at heart temperament.
The groom entirely foregoes the classic wedding suit and wears a trendy but at once very rustic outfit with hat. The source of inspiration for the colour of the blazer seems to have been the sky itself or maybe the distant mountain panorama. For one thing the fine icy blue reflects the radiant white setting. On the other hand it caresses the warm natural tones of her bouquet, coat and hair.

Consistent with the overall concept, the wedding stationery presents itself in warm natural tones. The voluminous, luxurious paper, the elegant embossing and the delicate typeface as well as the metallic elements skilfully combine tradition and modern elegance.
And last but not least: An exciting contrast to the traditional ambience and utterly in vogue is a drip cake as the centrepiece of the small wedding table. While the naked cakes were the must have last season, this new trend becomes more and more popular. The drip cake derives his name from a spectacular decoration in form of dripping icing.
Rosy cheeks, clear air, dancing snowflakes, iridescent ice, snugly materials, cosy parlours, sensational colours and a fairy-tale setting ... there are many reasons for a winter wedding in the mountains. This concept is perfect for those who have opted for a small, romantic wedding off the beaten paths. It could not be more relaxing! Be inspired by the nostalgic flair, undemonstrative warmth and breath-taking natural beauty!