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Bohemian style & forest wedding: 
Join us in the woods! 

26 April 2017   |   Pamela Pizzardo
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Options for wedding themes are endless from rustic, elegant to vintage romantic and boho-chic. After all, it is the first decision you make when you plan your wedding and it will influence all the following steps. Beside the romantic greenery wedding theme (Pantone colour of 2017), wood and forest weddings are the first choice for this year. There is something romantic and magical about a wedding in the woods and it brings so much joy! If you are a nature lover, you are the right couple to celebrate a wood or forest wedding. South Tyrol is the perfect place for it, because there are so many beautiful woods landscape in the Alps. For sure you will find a pretty, mystical location, which fits for you. 
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Nature is already beautiful, so the ceremony location will be easy to spot. “Mother Nature” will take care of most of the decorating herself. The use of colors such as white, different shades of green (like pine, pickle, moss, fern and olive), wood and cedar brown, beige, champagne and ivory is highly recommended for the entire concept. Fresh flowers are an excellent decorative addition to your wedding theme. For a perfect decoration, you could incorporate tulle or linen and greenery. It gives an elegant touch to your wedding image.

Decorate your wedding table in a simple, rustic style by using wooden plates and greenery. Create a magical woodland camp for the wedding reception with many strings of pretty twinkle lights hanging from a big tree and lanterns. Can you imagine how romantic it could be especially at night with all the lights on? 
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To make the space more enjoyable for the guests provide plenty of seating. We always hope for sunshine and good weather for our wedding day, but if not, you should have a good plan B. Maybe you could arrange some tents or you find a barn nearby to go inside and continue your celebration without interruption in case of rainy or cold weather. Do not forget umbrellas and blankets! :)

The best way to show your creativity from the start is with a woodland invitation suite.

Look for a simply, long wedding dress in bohemian country style, alternatively for a wedding dress with a high neckline. It looks beautiful and natural if you wear your long hair open.
Josef Mountain Resort
Josef Mountain Resort
Josef Mountain Resort
If you look for a place in the woods with a big fire circle, it would be very nice to have a cosy and comfortable barbecue with your guests after the ceremony. With straw bales for seating you could create a beautiful country feeling and maybe arrange a guitar player or hire a band – perfect for country dance.

By choosing, your cake go for a semi naked cake on a wooden plate or with some natural elements on it.

In the end do not forget to spend plenty of time snapping photos in the natural environment with all the heartwarming details. These pictures will be a fabulous memory!

If you liked my post and if you are interested in a forest wedding or if you would love to have more information, do not hesitate to contact me.